🙂That smile🙁

🙂His smile was one of the brightest smile I had ever seen but for all that I know, that smile was a FAKE ONE.

The world thought if him as a strong person, but for all that i know his mind was a hell, constantly un a state if chaos, fighting against the DEVIL OF INSECURITY

The world thought if him as a happily hearted gentleman, but for all that i know that gentle heart was broken in a million pieces by a BEAUTIFUL CHAOS for whom he did move mountains.

Today though he stands upright as a brave soldier would, with a smile which would brighten   Others life,but for all that i know ,that smile was a FAKE ONE………🙁
                              –   Manas.baviskar


.The girl no one knew.

Behind those thirsty orbs, hid the most vulnerable storm which asked for nothing but water.Her dry and lonely lips hid the unseen cuts from past demanding nothing but a balm to soothe them. Her hale and religious temple which had now been destroyed by the harrasser of strain needed nothing but a shoulder to rest upon .Her warm and throbbing nest of soul,which had now been long lost in the maze of obscurity and lifelessness begged for nothing but & another soul to make her alive again on this big blue marble.